about Ande Whyland

When artist/photographer Ande' Whyland moved to the East Village in 1980, it was like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. She landed in Club 57, a now legendary performance/gallery space that was a headquarters of the astounding East Village art explosion of the 1980's. Here everyone from soon-to-be art superstar, appeared in original productions with regularity.

Ande's candid ingenuousness made her a vital new member of this exclusive underground enclave. It also gave her inside access to other venues that fostered the burgeoning, party-fueled scene - including The Pyramid Club, Area, Jackie 60, and Wig Stock. Ande's keen eye for color and detail mix seamlessly with her innate sense of (fair) play to capture a scene rife with constant, visually splendid, celebration. The always lively photographs reflect the fun Ande's having, right alongside her subjects

ande whyland

Her photos have been published in numerous books and magazines. Two separate issues of Art Forum, The Whitney Museum of Art "The American Century" 1950-2000 and four photographs we chosen for the "East Village USA Show", at The New Museum 2005.

-- Beauregard Houston-Montgomery

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